Styrum Castle

Schloß Styrum: Das heutige Bild des Schlosses Styrum und der über 100 Jahre alte Wasserturm - das Aquarius Wassermuseum

A jewel in the north of Mülheim: Styrum Castle was first mentioned in a document in 1067. For a long time it was owned by the counts of Limburg-Styrum. In 1890, August Thyssen bought the little castle. In the course of the regional garden show in 1992 it got completely renovated. Today, it houses a restaurant, a daycare centre for senior-citizens and some workrooms for artists. Inside its small but lovely castle park, visitors can also find an old water tower that is now home to the distinguished Water Museum “Aquarius”. It is also home to the versatile catering services of the Frank Schwarz Gastro Group which manages the different gastronomic opportunities of Styrum Castle.


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